Friday, May 8, 2009

OMG--I've done it!

I actually ordered something from QVC! Shoes!! I have always resisted buying anything from home shopping TV, although I often order clothing from the internet. I don't know why the distinction--I guess I get the image of an old lady watching TV just for the company and calling to order something just to speak to someone.
Hopefully, I'll never be in that place. LOL. I just liked the shoes and they were cheap. So, there it is then.
I seem to have been sort of busy lately, although it feels like I haven't accomplished much of anything. A very frustrating place to be. Tom and I have had a lot to do so that his mom, Juta, can move into our home next week. He has been particularly stressed, since it falls on him to deal with her and her problems day to day. With all of this, we've also had extra expenses getting her room ready--new furniture, packing and moving, etc.
It certainly didn't help when Georgie decided to chew up my eyeglasses. I left them on the coffee table overnight and woke up to find the lenses chewed and the frames bent to bits. So--off to the optometrist for a new pair to the tune of almost $500. Believe me, I will be protective of them from now on.... can this sweet puppy be such a little siitaratas...?

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