Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quiet weekend

Julie and Erika have gone up to Minneapolis for the weekend. Tom is in the garage working on cabinet doors for the kitchen. Juta (my MIL) is watching Animal Planet, her favorite channel. I was planning to get into the garden to pull dead stuff, but the weather is not cooperating. Its cold, rainy and generally crappy.
Even the dogs are depressed about the weather. They can't be outside very long, as they really don't like the rain, so they're just lazing around the house. Beau is on the couch and Georgy is sitting on the stairs. It took me a while to realize why he does that--he can see out the windows! Smart little puppy!

Even Fred and Barney, the parrots, are quiet today, thank goodness. Seems to be a perfect day to spend time in my workroom. Yay! And no guilt about not being outside. Great!

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