Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Highs and Lows

Sunday evening, I returned a call to my old friend Sylvia. (That's her on the right. I'm on the left...can you tell?) She and I grew up together in Milwaukee, our moms were good friends, we went to Esto camp together, and got married the same year, a week apart. She then moved to California, and I haven't seen her since. She was in town to visit her now 90 year old mother, and she wanted to get together. She and her husband, Hank, came over for some wine, some conversation, and some dinner, expertly made by Tom. It was really nice to see her again, as she has had some serious health problems in the past. She is also an artist, a painter, so we talked art and fear and acknowledgment. It was a great evening.

Last night Erika played clarinet in the Wauwatosa Community Band concert. Tom and I were there, along with Brian, Erika's husband, and David and Martha, Erika's dad and step-mom. It was just like going to all those school programs when the kids were little. The band is good, and, of course, Erika is the BEST one! ;) It was a fun evening.

SInce I just filled the bird feeders, and added suet and oranges, I check it out each morning. Today I saw Baltimore orioles, blue jays, goldfinches, cardinals and a woodpecker at the feeder, along with a few squirrels, junkos and a chipmunk underneath looking for leftovers. It was a riot of fauna color in the rain. It was a fun morning.

And then, I got an email from a dear friend up north who had been having some minor health issues. Well, she was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). I cried as I read that she was told she'd be in a wheelchair within months. I really want to help her, or cheer her, or just yell at the gods for allowing such an unfair, tragic situation. But--I'll take my cue from her strength and her faith, and let her tell me what she needs, and when she needs it. Then I'll do what I can for her. It is not a good day.

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