Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's been over a week since Juta went into the hospital, and there is not much improvement. Her pain is better, but she still takes lots of drugs. Other things have developed as well, as is what happens when a 90-year-old lays around for a week without moving. She's become weak and dehydrated, as she just hasn't eaten much since last week, even with Tom coaxing her. So now there's an IV to get her re-hydrated. Once Juta is stable, she can move to the rehab center and get some strength back. It'll be a struggle, since sometimes she seems to just give up. Tom and I are really hoping for a good outcome. It's so hard to see her so miserable.

I've actually begun to pray. I haven't done that since my own mother was ill. I'm praying for some kind of relief for Juta; either recovery, or passing to the next (better) world. I hope that's ok with her...

I've posted some pictures of Juta's house and yard in Morton Grove. I hope it's things like these that she's thinking about as she lays in her bed, not the pain she has right now.

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  1. Many hugs Toni. It is so hard to deal with our parent's infirmities and old age. I hope Juta's pain is resolved soon. Lisa