Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thus begins the kitchen nightmare

Well, this weekend we plunged headlong into remodeling/rehabbing/re-going crazy. We were planning to replace the floor...eventually, but the dogs had other plans. Each time they were left alone in the house, Beau and Georgie would claw at and chew the vinyl flooring. It started at the door, and they made it almost to the fridge on the other side of the room.
The floor looked awful and we were very embarrassed every time anyone came over, so...we started ripping out the floor in earnest.
Under the vinyl was a plywood subfloor. Tom ripped up the wood, and under that we found...tiles. Tiles laid in the 50s, judging by the pinkish color and sparkles in them. Tiles with thousands of staples in them...from the wood atop it.
And all those staples had to come out.
And once we pulled the staples out, a task that turned into an ordeal lasting almost the entire afternoon, the 50s tiles came up easily. Revealing more tiles. Tiles from the 30s, I'm guessing, from "that green" color in them.
You quilters know what green I'm talking about...:) They are covered with the discolored glue, but I spotted that green.

Anyway, under those tiles is the original wood sub-floor, so we're
just going to leave those tiles alone, and install a new wood floor on top of them.

Just Tom and me.
Oh my aching back...

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  1. OHHHH LOOKS GOOD!!!!!!!! Tom looks pretty cute on the floor too. :) Why aren't you down there helping him Toni???? LOL. JK, looks good. Can't wait to come and see it in person.