Sunday, January 24, 2010

Poor Georgie!

Our pup Georgie often rough-houses with Juta's cat, Micky. It's fun to watch--they run and chase and wrestle and they both love it. Sometime last week, Georgie had a little scratch on his forehead from Micky's claws. I thought nothing of it, but I must have bothered him, as he began to scratch it often. Tom then noticed large mat of dried blood near the scratch. So--off to the vet.
Turns out he had a staph infection from that little scratch, and it was spreading all across his head! Ick. They shaved his head and put an e-collar on him (read: cone) so he was pretty miserable. I tried to keep the cone on him, but he freaked out.
He just froze.
He wouldn't move, he wouldn't sit.
He just stood still.
So, I took it off. But, in order to make sure he wouldn't scratch his head, I had to take him to the office, to keep an eye on him.
Georgie loved that! He got to spend the whole day with Beau and Tom and the technicians and me. Now he gets oral antibiotics, plus a salve for his wound. He looks goofy with his flat, bare forehead, but it's getting better.
And--Micky will get his claws slipped very soon!

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