Saturday, October 17, 2009

Goodbye to the old ash tree

A few weeks ago (when it was still warm out!) we asked my nephew, Matthew, who is a very talented and able arborist, cut down the old ash tree in our front yard. It was kind of old and scraggly looking, and was just in a bad place.

So--he came over one Sunday afternoon with his chainsaw and harness and ropes and took her down.

It amazed me how quickly and expertly he got the ropes into the tree and pulled himself up much like a mountain climber. Then, while at the top of the tree, he had his pruners, saw and even the chainsaw hanging from his belt by ropes! He deftly used one tool or the other, all the while moving from branch to branch like a monkey!
He did a great job, and we rewarded him with a great steak dinner on the grill (and some cash!). The best thing is, our lawn and my sewing room both get a little more sun.

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