Sunday, July 12, 2009

For now, It's all about Juta

My mother-in-law, Juta, has finally moved into our house. We moved her stuff here in May, but she's been in the hospital, then in rehab, since then. Tom brought her home about two weeks ago. It's been interesting having her here. Since Tom works M-F all day, and I don't, I am the nursemaid.
I really don't mind. Honest. I want her to be comfortable. And I want her to consider this her home now, but that will take time.
I, also, am adjusting. I have more chores to do, but that's not a big deal. What's harder for me is getting used to not being alone at home most of the day. I love my alone-time! So, once Juta is settled for the day and doesn't need anything for a while, I spend much more time in my sewing room. Which is good, actually, as I'm getting some projects finished!

So, we've been getting to know each other more. I think Juta is funny about some things. She is reticent about asking for things, but will not get anything herself, because she feels as though she is a guest here, and guests don't just poke around the kitchen.
We watch some TV together, and she always has a comment about how people act. "Why do people have to wave and yell like that?" she asks while we watch the fans huddle around the barricades outside the "Today Show" studio. "Why do the kids have to run around like that?" she asks while we watch the scene in "Marley and Me" where the family moves up north and the children, who have grown up in Florida, gleefully burst out of the house and into their first snowfall.
I guess in Juta's universe, everyone is dignified, children are constantly restrained and no one acts improperly. Otherwise, "you make a fool of yourself!" (Emphasizing the "self" with a commanding and dismissive head-nod). It's a brave new world for her. It just makes me chuckle...

One thing that is driving me nuts is what to do with all her stuff? Our garage is full of it. We had planned a garage sale, but that's been postponed a number of times for various reasons. The main one being we really just don't want to deal with the sorting and the tossing. But--it'll get done and we'll have our garage back, finally.

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